The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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International Day Of Peace

“The only way anyone can live in peace, is if they’re prepared to forgive.” -Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi)


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Science Fiction

‪Science Fiction can’t “jump the shark”. Because it already does since it’s inception. That’s why it’s called, “science fiction”.‬

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Missed an Episode of The Walking Dead? No Problem!

For those of you who missed an episode of The Walking Dead, (WARNING! SPOILERS!) here is a recap:

Cast: Where are we going to live?
Grimes: We’ll stay here for the night.
Cast: We need some more supplies.
Future dead Cast Member X: I’ll go.
Grimes: Take Dix with you.

Dix and Cast Member X wonder off. Then there are some run-ins with Walkers. Cast Member X may or may not get bit, depending on how many Walkers Dix had to fight off.

Later back at the camp.

Cast: Hey, Cast Member X and Dix haven’t returned!

Walkers attack them. The whole cast has a long bloody fight with them. Machonne kills more Walkers than anyone else.

Grimes: I’m going.
Another future dead Cast Member (Y): I’ll go with you.

Grimes and the Cast Member Y kill Walkers till they meet up with Dix and maybe the Cast Member X who may or may not be dead. Cast Member Y might be dead, might not, but fret not, theres always the next episode.

Meanwhile back at the camp… Blah, blah, blah. A lot of talking about nothing you need to know. Then Grimes and Dix comes back with or without Cast Members X and or Y.

Grimes: This place isn’t safe. We have to go.

The whole gang packs up their shit and moves on.

Then that was the end of the episode. Tah-Dah!