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‪I have seen more talent in a Chuck E Cheese animatronic band, than the band I watched last night.‬


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An Open Letter To Donald Trump Regarding His Thanksgiving Day Message

Dear President Elect Trump, 
Thank you for the professional and mature tone of your Thanksgiving message.

I would be most thankful to you if you would stop Tweeting and complaining about Mr Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live and instead Tweet about your outrage in regards to what is happening in North Dakota with our Native American Indians.

I would also be most thankful and appreciative if you would stop Tweeting about you versus the New York Times, and instead Tweet about your outrage over the fact that the citizens of Flint Michigan still do not have safe drinking water.

And I would be most thankful if you wouldn’t Tweet about the play Hamilton, and would instead Tweet about tolerance in this country and how you are outraged and against the hate groups that support you.

Maybe I’d be more thankful if you didn’t Tweet insults at others and complain about the press and liable laws, and realize you have freedom of speech even when you say asinine and outrageous things.

When you do those things, I think we can start to heal and come together. Then I would be more thankful towards you in at least knowing you have some maturity and that you just don’t care about your personal wealth and prosperity over a country of hard working Americans that have desires and dreams as well, but feels they have no voices at all in Washington, and while you use your voice to insult others not like you, and your petty complaints that you aren’t getting a fair deal.

Maybe I’d be thankful if you realized all the advantages that you have had in your life, the advantages you have taken, the opportunities you have both taken and been given, that others haven’t.

Seems to me that you have more things to be thankful for than most of us, sir.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mr. Trump.

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Rescue Dogs and Cats

A friend of mine reposts ads for dogs and cats in need of adoption everyday on social media. It’s all she spends her free time doing. Trying to help these animals in shelters. And as you may know, there is an awful lot. Bless her for helping them. I find it gut wrenchingly sad to look at the posts. All these unwanted animals in need of care. In need of a loving home. Most of the time I don’t read her social media accounts because it depresses me so much. I love animals and want them to have a home with a loving owner. 

But sadly, there are so many everyday. And it makes me sad looking at their pictures. And when I see some of them looking happy in the photograph hurts me, because I think, they don’t even know what may become of them if they don’t get adopted. And they don’t know how cruel life can be. All they want is what we want. Love. That’s all. They difference is, they have unconditional love.

And they need us so much.

When I have walked in a shelter in the past, I have always felt guilty. Because I came for one pet. And I look at all of them trying to get my attention, and they do. How do I or did I pick ONE? I felt like Jackie Gleeson in “The Honeymooners” episode where Ralph Cramden demands that his wife Alice return a dog she got to the pound. When he takes the dog there and finds out that if they don’t get adopted, they get put to sleep, Ralph’s heart gives way and he takes ALL the dogs from the pound. I know that feeling. It’s that that makes me dream of owning a big old farm to take in all the unwanted animals.

Many years ago, my ex wife and I went to get a Guinea Pig from a shelter, and ended up taking all three that they had. And we gave them a very large cage in our living room and gave them the best care for the rest of their lives. And all the love and attention we could give them. I was lucky enough to have a wife that felt the same way I did about animals. She said she preferred animals over humans because they needed and depended on us, and were helpless, and still offered us unconditional love when they knew of nothing else. Needless to say, she was great with animals. If they even had a sniffle, she was all over it.

It amazes me in this day and age, that we don’t treat them better. Sir Paul McCartney once said, that you could tell a lot about a person by how they treated their fellow creatures. I couldn’t agree more.

For my pets, not only do I consider them my babies, but my friends. My pal. And I will always say hello to anyone else’s pets, even the animals I meet outdoors.

But for domesticated animals, pets, they just shouldn’t be living in a shelter, not knowing that a clock maybe ticking for them. (Or fortunately they don’t know that.)

Some are lonely. Some are happy. Some have an illness, or a disability. Some have been sadly abused. But they all want some kind of attention. They want to be taken care of. They want love. And we can do that. We can give that to them. But how many? There are so many in need. We are a capable aren’t we? Can’t people spay or neuter their pets for starters? Can’t we make that a tax deduction for starters to help that? I know there are shelters that do it for free or at a discount.

It’s sad. Just so sad. When I see those pictures and or think about them, I wish I could take them home. I wish I had a big enough place for all of them. I wish I had the capability to take care of all of them and feed them. But I sadly can’t. And that makes me feel awful. And that’s why I have a hard time looking at my wonderful friend’s posts.

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The Exaggeration Of Pain

You know that burning sensation of a thousand ants on fire climbing up your ass? No you don’t. You lying, exaggerating, fantastical, melodramatic hypochondriac. There has never been any case of an ant surviving, burning on fire, if you ever burned ants as a child you would know this asshole, ask any nine year old to verify this and corroborate this truth, dickweed, no ant survived on fire long enough to seek out refuge in the coolness and fire retardant hole that is your ass, you overly dramatic charade. Oh, and stop eating Thai food.