The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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The Message Of Love

We must stop giving hate any platform at all. There are a lot of good people doing great things in the world. They should get the platform. They should be the news story everyday. Then good can spread and inspire others with a message of compassion, peace, and love, and become more contagious, more acceptable. It is the right choice.Namaste

The Phoenix

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An Old Advertising Story

I was thinking of many, many years ago, I was producing a series of ads, and I worked with a gentleman who retired for years in the advertising business. Jack was his name. And he told me that in advertising there was a fine line between being clever and being creative. He said being clever is good for a short time, but being creative is great for a long time. Never forgot that. Rest In Peace Jack. You left me with something good to think about.