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My Little Sermon For Today

My god, what are we becoming? What have we become? Are we really making America great? Are we making the world great? For ourselves, for our children, for our children’s children’s children? The hatred. The lies. So much pain. What happened to being a true leader and caring for all? Where is the moral compass that points to values and integrity? Leading by example. Never stop caring, my fellow babies. Never stop being kind. Never stop showing compassion. Never stop loving, my fellow babies. We’re only here once perhaps. Take care of the earth. Take care of all creatures great and small. Take care of each other. Take care of yourself. May peace find you and be with you always. Let love rule in your hearts and minds. Wear it on your sleeve.

I love you


The Phoenix


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Reflections on 2017

Be sure to look back on 2017, as we looked deep into ourselves, at who we are, and what we believe, as humans, and as a nation, at what we’ve learned, and use that knowledge to better ourselves, as people, and as a country. May peace, love, and happiness follow you, and find you. Namaste

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Science Fiction

‪Science Fiction can’t “jump the shark”. Because it already does since it’s inception. That’s why it’s called, “science fiction”.‬


Silent Feedback For An Artist Or Writer

It’s very hard at times to be an artist or a writer. It’s hard because it’s the only real way the artist or writer can communicate his or her thoughts or feelings. And the hardest is when you put your piece out there and you don’t get any response at all. Not just the likes or praise, but honest feedback of questions, debate, discussions about the work, even if it’s negative. When you don’t get any response at all, you start to think, “Wow! No commentary at all? Did they not understand it? Did they hate it? Cause if they liked it, they would certainly say they did. If they were just being nice, they’d lie and say they liked it, but they said nothing at all.”And this goes on in the creators head. And if the artist or writer spent a great deal of time on it, not hearing any feedback at all, tends to lead to the dark thoughts that it wasn’t any good at all.

One might be open to soliciting comments and feedback, but there are artists who feel like they would almost be pandering for praise so they choose to be humble and silent. And the piece may be very good to someone but might get delayed, or postponed, or even shelved from that person seeing it because the artist will let it go to the bottom or the back of the pile of the artist or writer’s work because the artist took the lack of response as rejection of the work. The art form of performance such as a film, or theater, or dance, or a musician, or a comedian, is before a live audience and responses can be conveyed in real time by the audience as they see and hear the piece. The sculptor, the designer, the painter, the writer, does not really have this device. They may be on to something with the piece, but not quite there, yet from not gaining any feedback may move on to something completely different. To an artist, to a writer, silence can be deadlier to the work than negative feedback. And for the artist trying to communicate can cause depression from their own thoughts about the lack of reception than criticism.
What do you think?

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An Open Letter To Donald Trump Regarding His Thanksgiving Day Message

Dear President Elect Trump, 
Thank you for the professional and mature tone of your Thanksgiving message.

I would be most thankful to you if you would stop Tweeting and complaining about Mr Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live and instead Tweet about your outrage in regards to what is happening in North Dakota with our Native American Indians.

I would also be most thankful and appreciative if you would stop Tweeting about you versus the New York Times, and instead Tweet about your outrage over the fact that the citizens of Flint Michigan still do not have safe drinking water.

And I would be most thankful if you wouldn’t Tweet about the play Hamilton, and would instead Tweet about tolerance in this country and how you are outraged and against the hate groups that support you.

Maybe I’d be more thankful if you didn’t Tweet insults at others and complain about the press and liable laws, and realize you have freedom of speech even when you say asinine and outrageous things.

When you do those things, I think we can start to heal and come together. Then I would be more thankful towards you in at least knowing you have some maturity and that you just don’t care about your personal wealth and prosperity over a country of hard working Americans that have desires and dreams as well, but feels they have no voices at all in Washington, and while you use your voice to insult others not like you, and your petty complaints that you aren’t getting a fair deal.

Maybe I’d be thankful if you realized all the advantages that you have had in your life, the advantages you have taken, the opportunities you have both taken and been given, that others haven’t.

Seems to me that you have more things to be thankful for than most of us, sir.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mr. Trump.