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News That Might Or Might Not Happen

Overheard at the White House. “Wow! Chicks will dig this more than the Playboy Mansion!! Tic Tac?”


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My Psychic Predictions

Nov. 8 Election DayNov. 9 Melania files for divorce

Nov. 10 Trump files for bankruptcy

Nov. 18 Trump supporters show up to vote

Dec. 5 Trump files for bankruptcy

Mar. 1 Trump hawks his own brand of Chinese made Spray On Tanner in Russia

Mar. 8 Trump files for bankruptcy

May 1 Trump marries 21 year old Serbian model

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Some Random Idiotic Thoughts About Brexit

1) This Brexit thing is crazy. It’s like breaking up with your overbearing girlfriend, but agreeing to continue to live with her and date her for the next two years.

2) Great Britian has survived through history. Wars. Plagues. Famine. The break up of The Beatles. Years of no Doctor Who on the telly. The Spice Girls. Bad food. Awful food. And lack of dentists. But they’ve always gotten through things. They have the best of times and the worst of times. And they’re still here. I mean if Norway can do it, and it’s good enough for Norway…

3) If Michael Caine, Elizabeth Hurley, and Joan Collins support Brexit, I mean, how bad can it be? I mean Michael Caine! I love Michael Caine! I trust his politics and policies. The man can act. And a lot. He’s like in every other movie ever made.

4) Why does it seem like all the British celebrities who pushed the “Stay” vote with the EU, are ones who left and moved to Los Angeles years and years ago?

5) Why does the bit from Charles Dicken’s “Oliver Twist”, “Please Sir. I want some more.”, come to mind?

6) I’m pretty sure that the release of the Austin Powers film started the idea of this Brexit thing. I blame Mike Myers for all this.

7) I had an interesting dream last night. And I’m convinced that television executives need to come up with a show about a panda that flies a helicopter. I know this has nothing to do with Brexit, but it would be good entertainment while the UK fixes shit, and we wait for more episodes of Sherlock.

8) This wasn’t a unanimous decision. This was close. Very divided right now. I wish all my U.K. friends, and the U.K., the very best!