The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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You fed me when I was hungry

And you gave me a bounty to fatten me up for when the days became lean


You sheltered me from storms

And then pushed me out when the skies were clear and the weather was warm

Always hoping I would come back to you from time to time

Whether or not if the weather was fine


You have my love and respect

And for that, I love and respect all that is dear to you


I return the care that you have given to me

I return those cherished things to you


I know sometimes it isn’t easy

And I am still your child

And I have learned from you

And the greatest gift I can give back to you and unto others

Is everything I get from you

I love you

My dear sweet mother

For I am from you

And all that you do

Happy Mother’s Day

From me

From all of us

Your children

To you



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Dear MomI wanted to call you today

And see if you were okay

Dear Mom

I just wanted to check in with you

And tell you what’s been going on

Whether I’ve been happy or blue

I just wanted to talk with you

Dear Mom

There’s so many things I want to say

So much in my life today

Dear Mom

I wonder if that squirrel is in that tree

If he still frolics on the lawn that you see

Dear Mom

How is your vegetable garden this year I would ask

How is your sweater you were knitting coming along since you passed

Dear Mom
Dear Mom

It’s been hard since you’ve gone

Dear Mom

I know we didn’t always agree

But I’m older now and see the things I couldn’t see

Dear Mom

So many times I wanted to pick up the phone

But you’re not there

Oh how at times I wish I could go home

And see you one last time

And now these thoughts are only just mine

Dear Mom
Oh how I’ve missed you

And your cooking

And your talking

The laughs and dancing in the kitchen

And there to comfort me

So much more than a bruised knee

Thank you so much for everything

Dear Mom
Dear Mom

I’ll have to continue on my own today

Without hearing what you’d have to say

But I know it

In my heart


Dear Mom

I love you

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A Lesson From My Mother

When I was about five years old, my mother shopped at a little flower and gift shop off the Old Post Road in Connecticut. And she would take me places when she went shopping. And this was a place I liked. It was cool to a five year old like me. It had a fountain and a pond, and flowers and interesting chotchke stuff inside the shop. But to me, the coolest thing was this Indian totem pole. I was fascinated with it. I loved to always go to this shop and see the totem pole by the pond. I could stare at it forever.One day my mother was buying something at the counter from the owner. She leans down to me and whispers, “Ask the man, how much for the totem pole.”

Now I was a very shy kid, and a bit of a loner, and my mother was always trying to break me of that by speaking up, minding my manners, to always say please and thank you. This was scary to me.

But I asked as she kept prodding me.

The man said, “No, I’m sorry it’s not for sale.”

End of discussion for me. I was disappointed after having to build up the courage to talk to this man. A waste of time, I must have been thinking at five years old.

My mother kicked me gently with her foot. I looked up at her.

“Ask him if he’ll take $5 dollars for it.”, she whispered.

Man! She’s going to make me talk to him again? He said it wasn’t for sale. My mom is so pushy, I must have thought.

“Go on.”, she kicked me again.


“Would you take $5 dollars for the totem pole?”, I asked.

“Hmn. Nah. I’m not selling that totem pole. It’s very nice, and means a lot.”, he said.

Crushed twice. What kind of mean and cruel, sadistic mother did I have?

She poked me with her finger.

“Ask if you can have it for $10 dollars, would he sell it?”

Crap. Mom, he said no! Please.

“Ask, Flemming. Wouldn’t you like to have the totem pole?”

I stared silently. 

She said, “Go on.”

I reluctantly asked him if he’d take $10 dollars for it.

“Hmn. That’s a really good offer. But it’s really not for sale.”

Done. Okay, mom. We’re done.

The man looked down over the counter at me.

“Like I said, it’s not for sale. But you can have it. It means more to you than me.”, he said.

What did he just say?

“You can have it. I know you really like it.”

“It’s your totem pole, Flemming.”, my mother said.

 I was shocked. I was stunned. I was happy.

My mother and I took that little three foot totem pole back to the car.

My mother explained some things to my little five year old brain in that car going back home.

It was something to the effect of this: “Flemming, I don’t want you to be shy. I want you to assert yourself. You will never know what anybody thinks or will say if you don’t ask. And ask politely. The worst thing anybody could ever say is no. And you won’t know, if you don’t ask. Do you understand?”

Yes I do. And I never forgot that lesson my mother gave me.

And to remind myself of that lesson she taught me, I never parted with that little totem pole. I keep it as a reminder.



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Dumbest question my mother ever asked

“Do you want your face slapped?” – dumbest question my mother ever asked me.
“Do you want more bacon?” – second dumbest question my mother ever asked me.
“Do you want any broccoli?” – third dumbest question my mother ever asked me.