The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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Science Fiction

‪Science Fiction can’t “jump the shark”. Because it already does since it’s inception. That’s why it’s called, “science fiction”.‬


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Sad when none of my friends outside of Hollywood saw the nominated films. If it doesn’t have the #3 in the title, they haven’t seen it.

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Quick Film Review – ” The Imitation Game “

If you like intrigue, suspense, and drama, look no further than “The Imitation Game”. Supported by a stellar cast of Benedict Cumberbatch, Kiera Knightly, and company, it tells the historical story of the man who invented the first computer, made to decipher WW2’s Nazi Germany codes. But it also tells another story. How homosexuality was a crime. Benedict Cumberbatch and his supporting cast are spot on. I found this movie to be very engaging, and a great story to tell! I appreciate the history lesson, and getting to know Cumberbatch’s character, Alan Touring. Big thumbs up to a suspenseful and smart movie!

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A Quick Film Review – ” St. Vincent “

I must confess, that when I saw the trailer for “St. Vincent” in the movie theaters over the summer, that I thought I would hate this movie. The cliche, cranky old despot, takes care of Catholic school kid, against his will, would not be any good. But I was wrong. Having seen it now, I can say I enjoyed Bill Murray as I usually do, even though he never seems to play much different characters the last several years. I enjoyed Melissa McCarthy who usually annoys me when she’s over the top, and I found that she is really funny, to me, when she is toned down. She really is great as well in this. The boy, Jaeden Lieberher, is very charming. Most of all, I loved Naomi Watts as the politically incorrect Russian hooker. I thought she was fantastic. She really made me laugh the hardest. It really is a fun movie to watch, everyone looks like they are having fun playing their respected roles, and that rubbed off on me watching it. I smiled throughout the whole film.

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Quick Film Review – ” Foxcatcher “

If any of you remembers how creepy Robin Williams was in “One Hour Photo”, Steve Carell is just as creepy in “Foxcatcher”! Channing Tatum is in his finest performance I’ve ever seen him! And not to downplay Mark Ruffalo’s performance, but Mark is always on his game. Disturbing movie. It’s slow, but that adds to the creepiness of it.


Quick Film Review – Praise for ” Whiplash “

I just saw the film, “Whiplash”. What a powerful film with powerful performances. Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons were brilliant in their performances! The direction and the script was razor sharp. And there is no doubt that J.K. Simmons should win an Oscar for his performance. Bravo and well done! One of THE BEST movies of 2014. Did you see this movie? What did you think?