The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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My Quote For Today

Being a parent is like being a politician. Your children are the disenfranchised constituents.


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Michelle Obama

I’m amazed at the parents who sit around bitching about Michelle Obama’s crusade for better and healthier food choices in the lunch rooms in schools. How dare she educate YOUR children about healthier food choices, refuse to poison YOUR children, and crusade through education, against this country’s rising obesity and diabetes and cancers??!! If that’s the best reason you have for hating her, I’d say she’s a damn good First Lady! Maybe YOU are the one that is irresponsible towards the health and safety of YOUR children. Just sayin’….

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Giving Life

I think if you have kids, if you chose life, if you brought children into the material world, by playing god, if you will, that you are responsible for them until the rest of THEIR LIFE. You must provide food, shelter, and clothing for them. Did they have a decision in coming here to earth? You and another made that decision to play god, so you provide. And with that, I’m filing a federal lawsuit against my parents! Boy are they gonna pay!!