The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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Father’s Day

‪If you’re my dad, Happy Father’s Day.‬‪Your Sport.


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The Message Of Love

We must stop giving hate any platform at all. There are a lot of good people doing great things in the world. They should get the platform. They should be the news story everyday. Then good can spread and inspire others with a message of compassion, peace, and love, and become more contagious, more acceptable. It is the right choice.Namaste

The Phoenix



I was getting tiredI had a lack of sleep

Trying to climb the mountain slope

But the path was too steep
I promised her

I’d meet her at the top

There were many obstacles 

There was no way I could stop
I promised her

I’d be there by sunset

Keeping a promise to her

Is never a regret
It took too long

The sun had gone down

In my mind I feared

I would see her tears and frown
I got to the summit

I couldn’t see anything

It was pitch black

No spoils for a king
Some days you think

You’re better off dead

If it didn’t take so much fucking work

So you just lay in bed

And cry like some fucking jerk
She wasn’t there anymore

Didn’t even leave a note

It was getting so cold waiting

I didn’t think to bring a coat
I could hear my heartbeat echo

As I planted my broken promises in the ground

I buried them deep

Because I didn’t want them found
I sighed and then began

My long and lonely decent 

As my mind wandered

At how much my love for her meant
Some days you think

Of the all the little things

That meant nothing in your life

And how inconsequential they are

And yet they hurt your feelings
I slid in the mud down the slope

So I started to roam

Through the dark woods

Till I got down and started my long walk home
I missed the sun rise

As I continued on with my hike

I wish she waited for me

As I reached in my heart and pulled out the spike
Some days you think

What is it all you do it for?

You take your beatings

Time and time again

And still you want more
Some days you think

Some days you think

The day will never end

And some days you think

You got more time to lend


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I was born under the sign of AumI was built from the same mettle as the blade of the sword of Odin

And I was under the careful Eye of Horus

And when I thought the flames had all but consumed me

And taken me right to my bones

And into my soul

Something changed

Changed deep inside of me

And lifted me up

Up out of the ashes

A burning flight across the sky

To a higher elevation

To a better position

To a better view

I was reborn

I was new

I was

And I am

I am whole


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Down by the seaWashed up on the shore

Driftwood rests

In a slumbered state

That the storm didn’t want anymore
Polished by the waves and the rocks

Bleached clean by the salt and the sun

It had made its way across one end

Of the large ocean

To another end
Disappearing for a time

Till the storm was done
And made it back to land
The rains hit the desert

Leaving the cactus to drown

Turning it soft and brown

Until the sun came back

And dried up all the sand

Leaving the cactus to flower

And enjoy the land
But I never spoke

Never uttered a word

When you and I grew stronger

Coming out

From the eye of the storm
We held each other close

Stood tall in resolve

Never wavered in the winds
But when it was over

I don’t know why

We just moved on
Did you make it

To New York?

Did you see the skyscrapers?

And eat Chinese food?
I made it to the end

To see the sun set

I finally smiled

When I saw the palm trees

That lined my view
But I couldn’t help think

Where I’d had been

Without you

And getting stronger again
After arriving

Out of the eye of the storm.