The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!


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It seems that sunset has come

I just wish

It came at a better time

My day just isn’t done
My list

Is just too fucking long

How can I ever do it all?

The time must be wrong
I wish

I had done things differently 

How would I know

That time would follow me so closely?
Did I take on more

Than I could chew?

Did I take too long

To smell all the roses?
Did I not give enough

Love to you?

This is my life

The questions that life poses 
Today is done
Maybe I could have been a banker

A lawyer

A doctor 

A movie star

A pastor

A hero

A savior

Or a humble baker

Making you tasty treats

Oh, life can be so sweet

Just kicking cans

And not having

Any plans
I wish

I could feed the hungry

Save the animals

End the wars

Open closed doors

Help the blind see
Just hold me

Just hold me
One more time

One more time
As this day is done.


Author: Flemming Erik Carlson

I am a writer of all mediums. I am currently working on a variety of projects. I like to keep busy. I am currently developing a revolutionary new social media music app, finishing writing 3 science fiction novels, and producing my own album of music. I still perform as an actor, and stand up comedian from time to time. I am an actor, comedian, writer, satirist, director, and producer.

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