The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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II took a picture

A snap shot

Of this moment

Moment in time

That was on my mind

A lot of things 

Are on my mind
The sun

The sun dripped down

Into the canyons

And I’ve seen

Too many sunsets

Too many sunsets
The sky

Held up the leaves

The sky

Grabbed the branches

To lift up

Lift up the trees

That held onto

This old earth

This old earth
And the wind

The wind gifted the birds

With freedom

And gave them

A push
And a dozen

Marching bands

Danced in the field



Happy tunes
For me and you

You can go

Or you can stay

Either way

That’s alright

That’s okay

You can be


Too me

And that’s okay

That’s alright
I am too

I painted a picture

Of the future


Long into

Into the night

Of a thought

My pleasant thoughts

That escape me

Time from time
There was a play

The curtain opened


After the curtain

Came down

I didn’t know


I didn’t know

Who was the actors

And who was the audience
But that’s not so strange

Not so strange

And the birds

The birds continue

To fly

Fly freely


I was dreaming

Of something else
And you

You just smile

And that’s

That’s okay

That’s alright

It’s all

It’s all

All alright
As long

As long

That you know

That I’ll



Love you


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My Variations Of My Joke

Kellyanne Conway says Trump gets his intelligence briefings from a variety of sources. Well, we know books wasn’t one of them.

Kellyanne Conway says Trump gets his intelligence briefings from a variety of sources. Sorry, but Twitter shouldn’t count.

Kellyanne Conway says Trump gets his intelligence briefings from a variety of sources. Trump University shouldn’t count.

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An Open Letter To Donald Trump Regarding His Thanksgiving Day Message

Dear President Elect Trump, 
Thank you for the professional and mature tone of your Thanksgiving message.

I would be most thankful to you if you would stop Tweeting and complaining about Mr Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live and instead Tweet about your outrage in regards to what is happening in North Dakota with our Native American Indians.

I would also be most thankful and appreciative if you would stop Tweeting about you versus the New York Times, and instead Tweet about your outrage over the fact that the citizens of Flint Michigan still do not have safe drinking water.

And I would be most thankful if you wouldn’t Tweet about the play Hamilton, and would instead Tweet about tolerance in this country and how you are outraged and against the hate groups that support you.

Maybe I’d be more thankful if you didn’t Tweet insults at others and complain about the press and liable laws, and realize you have freedom of speech even when you say asinine and outrageous things.

When you do those things, I think we can start to heal and come together. Then I would be more thankful towards you in at least knowing you have some maturity and that you just don’t care about your personal wealth and prosperity over a country of hard working Americans that have desires and dreams as well, but feels they have no voices at all in Washington, and while you use your voice to insult others not like you, and your petty complaints that you aren’t getting a fair deal.

Maybe I’d be thankful if you realized all the advantages that you have had in your life, the advantages you have taken, the opportunities you have both taken and been given, that others haven’t.

Seems to me that you have more things to be thankful for than most of us, sir.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mr. Trump.