The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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Life’s Adventures

Sometimes when we go the way we go in life, life itself suddenly goes a different way. And you may have no choice but to set a new course. So sometimes it’s best and well enough to leave it alone, go the new course, and enjoy the new adventure.


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Cleaning Tip Of The Day

You know, you can take a shower and clean yourself, but you’re not really clean until you get ALL that lint and junk deep out of your belly button, and shave out all that twisted hair in there that traps shit like a spider. Then top it all off with a Brazilian, then you really are clean!

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You can see by the hair on her teethShe’ll go right past the meat to the bone

And when she gets done playing the drums with your own heartbeat

She’ll cast it aside like an old frisbee
And you just want her to be true

You want her to always be with you

You want her to never leave you

You want her to always love you
And this is the bitter pill

Now that she’s had her fill

Nothing can be the same

Nothing ever will
Cause she has always been

What has been true

She can’t always be with you

She’s gonna leave you

She no longer loves you
She’s moving on

Moving on

With a will that is strong

This is where a love doesn’t belong
Moving on

Moving on

Movin’ on
And when you get past the clutches of her spell

You’ll soon realize how well

You’ll be, and you’ll be great

You’ll be fine

When you take a bite of the apple

Take a drink of life’s wine

And for yourself you will have to fend

As you hold your arms way up high

And take a running jump into the wind

And take flight and fly
And you know what is true

You know what and who is right for you

Your love will never leave you

The only one that can believe that is you
Now you’re moving on

Moving on

With a will that is strong

To find where you belong
Moving on

Moving on

Movin’ on
And when you finally meet

That special someone

Out between the sand and the sea

After how you’ve learned to be free
Beyond the beauty, the love, the anger, and the hate

You’ll see all those things taught you to be great

And you’ll be ready for that new love
The one that is true

The one that is perfect for you

That one

That’ll never leave you

That one

That’ll always love you
But for now

You’re moving on

Moving on

You’ve got to be

Movin’ on
Go on

Go on

Go on

Go on
Moving on.