The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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Some days you feel like you were swiped left by life’s Tinder…


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A Design For Better Living

Have you ever watched an old television show, or do you remember one, when you were younger, that would have a segment at the end of every episode, where they would ask, “What did we learn today?”
Well, the producers and production staff were very thoughtful to your well being, maybe more than you thought as to the reason why they did that.
Subtlety, they were unconsciously to you, instilling a value in your mind. 
To ask that question, “What have I learned today?”, everyday before you go to bed. A recap of your day, to learn, to mature, to grow. 
A design for better living.

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Lessons In Life

I’m in a bar drinking and smoking. I’m using a beer bottle for my cigarette butts. Later, a friend enters, and grabs the bottle, and asks, “Care if I have a drink of this”?
I respond, “Sure. Suit yourself, if you want”.
The look on his face when he took that big swig.
Lesson 1: Learn to ask the right question.
Lesson 2: Sometimes a friend is there to help you learn these things.

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The Art Of Being A Dog Owner

While sleeping, I hear the dog barfing in the hallway. In true fashion, I’m thinking, “I hope the dog licks it back up so I don’t step and slip in it in the night if I should go to the bathroom”. I then hear the dog licking it up, and I’m thinking, “Good dog”.