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I apologize for my English. It’s not very good. It’s not my native tongue. Baby talk is.


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An Old and Funny Pope Joke

POPE JOKE (Don’t worry it’s clean)
In honor of The Pope visiting.
(This is an OLD joke. I don’t recall who wrote it or told it so I can’t give that person credit, and I apologize to that person. And there have been variations of it, but here is the basics)
The Pope flies into America for a visit and of course is picked up by a limo to take him to his hotel suite in the city. The limo is driving down the highway, and the Pope says to the limo driver, “You know, I’ve never driven a limo before. Not even a car.”

The limo driver says to the Pope, “But you’re the Pope you can do anything. If you want to drive, you should drive.”

The Pope says, “I would have liked to drive at least once.”

The driver says, “Well you can drive if you want to. You’re the Pope.”

The Pope agrees, and the limo driver pulls over along the highway and they change places in the limo. The limo spins it’s wheels and spins out onto the highway. The Pope is flying. He’s doing about 110 miles an hour down the highway, shoots down his exit, and barrels through a red light, speeding and careening around the busy city streets.

City cop sees this, hits his lights, and speeds up to catch the limo. The limo pulls over. The city cop gets out, walks up to the limo and taps on the drivers window with his night stick. The Pope rolls down his window and says, “Yes officer? How can I help you?”

The cop stares at the Pope in shock. He says, “Hold on a second.”

The cop walks back to his patrol car and radios dispatch. He tells dispatch, “Yeah, dispatch? I just pulled over a limousine for reckless driving and speeding, and I really need to talk to someone higher up in charge.”

Dispatch says, “Would you like to talk to the desk sergeant on duty?”

The city cop says, “No. I need someone higher up.”

Dispatch says, “Would you like to talk to the shift supervisor?”

The cop says, “No. I think I gotta go higher up.”

Dispatch says, “How about the Chief of Police?”

The cop say, “I think higher than that.”

Dispatch gets frustrated, “The Police Commissioner?”

The cop asks, “Higher?” 

Dispatch asks, “The Mayor?”

The cop says, “I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need someone higher up.”

Dispatch says, “Oh. The Governor.”

The cop says, “I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need someone higher than that.”

Dispatch says, “Jeeze! Who did you pull over in that limo?”

Cop says, “I don’t know but he’s got the Pope driving for him!”