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My Jokes For Today

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This Thanksgiving, I’d be thankful if I could get the f’n annoying Taylor Swift tune outta me head!

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that I have a low sperm count so I don’t have any child support to pay.

I said to her, ‘Are you alright?’ She said, ‘Sure. Why do you ask?’ I said, ‘Cause you’re getting f’n weird right now.’ My court date is on Thursday.

Even a pretty flower can stink. Have you ever smelled Nasturtium? Pew! And Natalie didn’t fair much better.

It’s great to see that the Tea Party finally rallied and organized protests of 100,000’s of thousands of angry citizens, in 100’s of cities across America against ObamaCare!

If Bill Cosby hurts for money from all this, he can always do the sequel, “Mother, Juggs, & Speed 2”

You’re looking forward to Thanksgiving? I’ll check back with you, when you’re seated next to your in-laws!


Author: Flemming Erik Carlson

I am a writer of all mediums. I am currently working on a variety of projects. I like to keep busy. I am currently developing a revolutionary new social media music app, finishing writing 3 science fiction novels, and producing my own album of music. I still perform as an actor, and stand up comedian from time to time. I am an actor, comedian, writer, satirist, director, and producer.

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