The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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Love and Hate

Love and hate can control you. Which do you prefer? Let in the one you want, let go of the one you don’t want.


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One of the things I’ll have great memories and miss when I move from this town is, babysitting my nieces and nephews on nice days like this. I’d take them down to the center of town for ice cream and Fanta orange sodas. Then we’d go sit on the curb with our ice cream and chuck stones at the junkies. We’d laugh at how the junkies would try to raise and swing their arms to deflect the rocks, and couldn’t, and could only gasp out the obligatory, “Ow” or “Hey!”. My nephews and nieces and I would laugh so hard, that the orange soda would come out of our noses. It was fun to see the junkies try to scramble. I know my nephews and nieces will look back at that with fond memories just as I do when they get older. And they appreciate what a fun and great babysitter their Uncle Flemming was even if their parents aren’t so sure. I’ll miss this town and what it had to offer along the ways of simple pleasures.

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I must admit, men are retarded. For as much as men think about sex so much, ask to see a man’s toys, and he’ll show you his power tools, or model trains, or Star Wars collection. Ask to see a woman’s toys, and she’ll lead you to the bedroom and open the drawer to her nightstand…