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Thought about soccer

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You know, it’s amazing how soccer is the #1 sport for kids to play in this country, more than basketball and baseball, and yet it isn’t a main sport for viewing professionally in this country? Why not so popular? Why? If you say boring, you’re wrong. Baseball is just as boring. Why can’t we get with the rest of the WHOLE world on soccer popularity? Why do we have to have our own thing? Why can’t we share a common interest? Why can’t we share a sport with everyone else? Our kids play it for cripe’s sake! Is it because we can’t deal with competing with the rest of the world? We don’t want to lose? Your comments and opinions are encouraged… No trolling, be nice and diplomatic, and stick to the subject please!


Author: Flemming Erik Carlson

I am a writer of all mediums. I am currently working on a variety of projects. I like to keep busy. I am currently developing a revolutionary new social media music app, finishing writing 3 science fiction novels, and producing my own album of music. I still perform as an actor, and stand up comedian from time to time. I am an actor, comedian, writer, satirist, director, and producer.

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