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Our Existence

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Over the years, after my own trials and tribulations, I became a catch and release guy. Any bug crawling through my home is given a better chance by being moved to my garden outside. “Why? It’s just a bug.”, I can hear you say.

After things I have encountered and experienced so far in my life, I have come to some spiritual, existentialist, and scientific theories of my own. Regarding life in this universe, I believe we are given life, which is a very unique gift. And to sustain that, we have only one mission. To survive. We need three things to help that mission if we must go it alone without much help. Food. Shelter. Clothing. Obtaining those things is the most we can do for ourselves right off the bat. Then on out, it’s “enjoy the journey!”, till your time is up.

So, I see that simple little bug crawling on the floor in my house. Searching for food, or shelter, or both. And I refuse to kill it. Who am I to play the role of god? I don’t want to decide if something lives or dies. Maybe I can reward that simple little creature by putting it out in the garden and it having a better life out there, finding a better adventure on it’s way to find food. Maybe the elements outside will kill it. Maybe a bigger beast will use the bug for food. But surely, it won’t get much of a shot in my house. So I’ll give it better odds, by being outdoors which has more to offer it, good or bad, but a longer life chance. Maybe it’ll find a mate, which wouldn’t have good odds in my house. Would you like it if someone gave you a better chance in life? I’d rather do that to the smaller species than give it the end of it’s existence.

I got thinking as I started to write this blog, what if we are in a situation in life, where we are forced to see a change and have to move from where we are in our life. It seems that happens to us from time to time. We are comfortable crawling on a floor looking for something, when we are forced to move, have a change in our life, and put in a new situation. Is the new situation bad, because it’s a new place for us? Maybe where we were at in our life, wasn’t such a great place for us to be and grow, that we are moved. Maybe a higher power has picked us up and placed us in the garden, where there is more to offer us. We just don’t see that. Maybe we don’t see it at all, or maybe we see it as a negative.

No. I’m not going to play god, much less a mean one, squishing that bug. He’s trying to exist and survive just as I am. We have that same thing in common. Whether or not we want it, whether or not we ask for it, we all need help with our lives sometimes. And sometimes that help comes in ways we can’t fathom. Imagine the possibilities by opening up our minds, through looking at the tiny things like a little bug, in order to see a bigger picture.


Author: Flemming Erik Carlson

I am a writer of all mediums. I am currently working on a variety of projects. I like to keep busy. I am currently developing a revolutionary new social media music app, finishing writing 3 science fiction novels, and producing my own album of music. I still perform as an actor, and stand up comedian from time to time. I am an actor, comedian, writer, satirist, director, and producer.

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