The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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The Clippers Dilemma

Re: Sterling and The Clippers
I think ALL black personnel, and supporting white, Hispanic, and Asians should resign from the organization immediately. ALL black, and supporting white, Hispanic, and Asian fans should tune out of watching and supporting The Clippers until there is new ownership. Hit the old man in the pocketbook will be the only way to resolve this. And let him go back to being sued as a bigoted low rent landlord. That’s the only way I think he can be handled…

Why didn’t this jackass buy a Canadian, Russian, or Swedish hockey franchise if he didn’t want blacks around?


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More than once it has been said to me, “Flemming, you’re a madman.” And I have always replied as I lit my cigar, “Yes. And being a madman builds character.”