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Mean People

It totally amazes me, how some people can be so heartless, mean spirited, vindictive, and cruel to another human being. Their lives must be so miserable, shallow and empty to be that way.


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“Welcome boys and girls, today’s lesson is chapter 22, KARMA. To heck with karma! Sometimes you have to change your name to karma, and take the incredible responsibility to be karma. Thank you. That concludes today’s lesson.”

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I don’t understand why anyone would lie or cheat on someone. Why on earth would someone want to lose all credibility? No one would ever trust them again, or want to give them an opportunity! And if someone would lie or cheat on a partner, they would definitely do that to a friend, acquaintance, or anybody! Why be so deceitful and hurtful? Why lose any respect someone would give you? Why would anyone lose such self respect and dignity for ones self? Why should anyone with class, poise, grace, integrity, values, and self worth associate themselves? These are people who truly should not participate in society because they are only damaging it rather than helping it much like a disease. They should be shipped off in a rocket to a far away place with others just like them, because they certainly aren’t contributing anything positive to life…

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The Art Of Forgiving

You must first forgive yourself before you can forgive somebody else to reach that moment of clarity and perspective.

When you have peace in your heart you will have peace in your life.
Sometimes we have to learn to accept unwanted truths that we don’t like or agree with. And we don’t have to like it. But if we accept that it’s part of the way things are, we then learn to work with that. Then when we work with it, we may slowly get to change it.

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Nobody really likes weddings. Going to weddings. They’re cheesy, kitsch, pretentious, and vain. If 2 people really love each other, they should elope or have a small ceremony with close friends and family, and make it about just them. It’s their day only. To the rest of us, it’s pure agony to go.
Especially if you don’t offer an open bar.
And please don’t get married on Valentine’s Day and invite us. It’s not romantic for the rest of us. We’d rather spend the time alone with our loved one, if we have one, and if we don’t have a lover, then we definitely don’t want to go!