The Phoenix Rises

A PEACE Of My Mind!

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You know I’m rightSomething I’d like to beWhen I speakAbout you and meYou know I’m rightThat there’s something thereIt speaks volumesAbout the love we shareI never thought I’d meetSomeone who meant so muchIt’s such an amazing featAn everlasting touchThat you made on meAnd I had to try to win you overAnd let you seeThat I could be your only loverYou know I’m rightWhen I told you why we should always be togetherYou knew in your heartWe could last foreverYou know I’m rightEven if it’s only for one timeThat’s all that mattersThat I am yours and you are mineYou know I’m rightI wasn’t just being politeI’m right about usAnd thank youFor not making a fussWhen I sayYou know I’m rightYou always knew for the two of usIt was loveAt first sightYou know I’m rightMaybe today, maybe tonightBut all I need to get it rightIs just onceAnd then I’m aheadYou know I’m rightYou know I’m rightRight for youSo right for youAnd you’re so rightSo very rightFor meYou know I’m rightCOPYRIGHT 2018. FLEMMING ERIK CARLSON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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Taking long walks with youIs all I want to doTo hold your hand with mineEverything will always be fineWe’ll just walk slowAnd feel the earth belowThough my head is in a cloudLove is all I vowedAnd I want to take this walk alone with youAnd visit the old and meet the newAnd absorb it allAnd lay with you when we fallI want to see everythingThat our journey together will bringNot to run, but walkAnd enjoy our talkAs we are walkingTogetherCOPYRIGHT 2018. FLEMMING ERIK CARLSON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Follow your heartFor it will carry your weight for youIt will lead you down the path to the greatest lightFollow your heartIt never stops goingFrom the longest of days and the longest nightFollow your heartIt will lead you to truthAnd it will teach you the best of thingsFollow your heartIt will always provide for youAll that you need, all the good it bringsFollow your heartIt will lead you to loveAll around you, under you, and all that is aboveFollow your heartLet it lead youFollow your heart.COPYRIGHT 2018. FLEMMING ERIK CARLSON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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This train

Carries a heavy load

This train

Is headed to a brand new road

The wheels came off this train

It was due to arrive

At about 7:05

It’s hard to stay on the tracks

If you can’t keep with the facts

It’s a heavy load

But this old train is gonna stay on course

And you don’t listen yet you say I’m beating a dead horse

And keeping it on the rails

You know good deeds merits pretty loud hails

I’m not a conductor

I’m the engineer

And a real go getter

And I can’t be more clear

I may be a little late

But it’ll be so great

Call it destiny, call it fate

But I got all that I hold so dear

It’s a heavy load

But this train

Will arrive

Please refrain and don’t complain

It’s all hard work and all I strive

Wheels off the track

I got control, wanna get there alive

Maybe it’s time to fly

And turn this old train

Into a plane and fly

I’ll go rail by rail

Build this all spike by spike, nail by nail

Shovel all this coal

Just to reach my goal

I know what I’ve earned and just what is mine

And keep going forward and get there nearly on time

This train

Will get me there one way or another

Even if I have to fly

Let’s see if this old train can fly

Let’s see if this train can fly


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What do I dream of

When you’re not there

When you no longer care

When there’s no love to share

What do my dreams look like

You ask of me

And I just sit so quietly

Waiting for an answer patiently

And you expect me to see

Past the present

To the future of no you and me

Or maybe you expect me

To say that I don’t see anything

That my future may bring

But then I’ll say what I really dream

Is that you’re still there

And in my dreams you still care

And I’ll hold them and hug them

Because it’s my dreams

And unlike you

They’ll never go away

Thank you for asking

So I can smile again


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I work to live

I work for you

You’re not happy

What can I do?

I do it all

All for you

I try to change

I try to please

What more can I do?

I’d do it all

All for you

And when spring comes

I’ll give you flowers

And when it’s summer

I’ll take you away

And in the fall

We will feast

And in the winter

I’ll keep you warm

What more can I do?

If you keep it all inside

How will I know?

Where is my chance?

If I can’t have a moment of time

What could I do

If I can’t please you?

I sit and wait

Patiently and out of time

What can I do?

I tried to please

Only you